LVS On FreeBSD Project


LVS On FreeBSD is a subproject of LVS.

LVS On FreeBSD's goal is porting LVS to FreeBSD.

More details about LVS see LVS project.

LVS On FreeBSD is released under GNU GPL(General Public License).

Latest news about LVS On FreeBSD...

  • I did a performance measure to LVS On FreeBSD(version 0.4.0) on June 6, 2005. The test report is available here.
  • The LVS On FreeBSD module(version 0.4.0) was released on May 28, 2005. All LVS schedule algorithms have been included in this version. In addtion, it includes a kernel patch bug fix. Thanks must go to calvin for reporting it.
  • The LVS On FreeBSD module(version 0.3.0) was released on May 16, 2005. LVS/TUN is included in this release. In addtion, it has been tested and run on FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE.
  • The LVS On FreeBSD module(version 0.2.0) was released on May 12,2005. It is a formal software release.It is totally independent to Linux compatibility and with all unnecessary kernel patches removed.The tiny kernel changes are distributed as diffs.Also the ipvsadm sources are distributed.In addition,the release includes a ICMP packet handling bug fix and some statistic functions added.I removed the links to ugly 0.1 release downloads:)
  • The LVS On FreeBSD module(version 0.1.3) was released on May 8,2005. With files: 'pfil.c', 'pfil.h', 'ip_output.c' removed from the patch.
  • The LVS On FreeBSD module(version 0.1.2) was released on May 7,2005. With files: 'linux_list.h', 'linux_kernel.h' removed, replaced by corresponding FreeBSD API.
  • The LVS On FreeBSD module(version 0.1.1) was released on April 28,2005. It includes these new features: 1. Improved route searching by caching route result; 2. Replaced Linux list API by FreeBSD queue API in IPVS module codes; 3. Some code tidy up.
  • The LVS On FreeBSD module(version 0.1.0) was released on April 16,2005. This is only a draft release, only to prove that LVS can play happily with FreeBSD:). It only support LVS/DR and Round Robin schedule algorithm. But it is been in hot developing, and soon more features wiill be added:)
  • Documentations

    The install manual see Readme in the tar ball or the following:

    More documents see LVS Project.


  • FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE (Since 0.1.0)
  • FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE (Since 0.3.0)
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    The ChangeLog is available here.


    The current developer of LVS On FreeBSD is as follows:

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